Opening night for Possibly Noble


Wow..what a night to remember! So many emotions,.. uncertainty, confusion, anger, pity, shame, understanding, acceptance, and amazement…and there was the paintings too.

We had some crossed communications with the space coordinator for HEB that provided some tense moments. I began to think all this work and struggle was about to be overrun. Here’s the story…

Central Market had recently gone through some renovations which caused all the scheduled artists to be delayed. The coordinator was faced with getting everyone back on schedule so artists were doubled and tripled in the cafe space.

So we arrived to discover the space I had been assigned that directly faced the cafe entrance was now being used by a photographer, in fact she was just finishing hanging her work.

So I “inquired” (perhaps with a little too much emotion) if she was aware that I had been assigned that space – I had been waiting for this show for close to three years and I suddenly saw it all falling apart when she said “no, it was assigned to her”.

The suggested that I should give the coordinator a phone call to discuss the matter since she had already left the building.

Speaking with the coordinator, she explained the issues while apologizing for not notifying me of the change and that I was to have a slightly smaller space. Which I was not too thrilled about but a mental “count to 10” put me in a more understanding frame of mind.

However the space she was describing still had the previous artists work still hanging there and it was already past the time it was to be down.

She let me know that she was trying to get the other artist on the phone but there was no answer at any of the numbers he had provided. So we waited for the coordinator to come back to the store and take down the work.

Finally with all of that out of the way the work could begin of hanging the canvases



Thanks to all who helped me get this show off to a great start!

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