Welcome Home

Pawns are moved
traps are set,
This release
you will regret.

We support our troops
unless they flee,
for we are patriots
our heroes we need.

We will hang you
from the ole oak tree,
with that yellow ribbon
from which we feed.

For you are a pawn
this you have earned,
for Hell hath no fury
like the fanatic spurned.

Murica…fuck yea!


Usually I try to let my work speak for itself but evidently I had more to say…

It seems to me we have once again wrapped the flag over ourselves in order to sanctify our narrow actions. Should I be surprised? A nation that is instructed through word and deed that hero worship and contempt are principles of a free society cannot be anything but fanatical and dominated by it’s own fear.

After Vietnam, returning soldiers were spit on and called baby killers but those who lived then and their children now have turned into believing our troops can do no harm. An idealized patriot of pure heart and virtuous intent will somehow makeup for earlier disrespect of the establishment they now inhabit. While a commitment to the military is a noble tradition worthy of respect, to honor anyone with a degree of accomplishment by simple existence leads to fanatical if not blind devotion. And that’s bad.

Hence this controversy over Sgt. Bergdahl is a striking reaction to the intense devotion to the military that has been fostered in our country since Ronald Reagan was president. Even more surprising is the speed at which the “word death” threat came out in the media. So much for “you’re our hero for wearing that uniform” mentality.

My impression has been that people today believe we should be on our knees in gratitude to the military for keeping us safe. Somehow I believe we are kept safe in order to NOT to have to get on our knees to anyone. Even the military.

Soldiers are human and who has not done something they regret later. Did he desert his post or just take a walk in the wrong direction. Look I like to take walks too but it doesn’t mean I’m leaving my family…and my family shouldn’t want to string me up if I get lost one day and get kidnapped by the locals.


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