comfortingHoly vestiges cry platitudes,
they comfort covetous aspirations.
Vacuous visages pose sacred,
icons of restless guilt.

Their comfort gives no warmth
to blinded shoulders stooped.
Words bind innocuous shadow
to eclipse enlightened truth.

Reason calls minds deafened
with wisdom firmly enclosed,
insulated by frigid command,
frozen in divine pride.

It’s claimed to be a better place
this precept of sacrifice,
this dictum of debt
owed to the rulers of light.

Narrow intent blinds insight,
conceit is not pride,
greed is not ambition,
and delusion is not belief.

One possibility unspoken,
perhaps finality is white
so when days are passed
decay is the only afterlife.

3 thoughts on “Faithless

  1. Nicely written. The choice of words, imagery, and message are beautifully coherent. Clear, yet poetic in a way that makes one think.

    1. I hope I don’t become too trite in this reply but I wrestle much with rules of poetry and prose as I work on these. The rules are important but I don’t want to sacrifice the function for the form. The message is sometimes clear but other times I want to keep it subjective so the reader forms their own interpretations so it means something more than a momentary internet diversion. I can only hope to give back the moments imparted to me by others words that have made me think.
      Thank you for such kind words, I hope you visit me again…

      1. I will do. 🙂

        Don’t worry too much on form. It comes with time, and muses that will fit into forms. Art is always interpretable. The ones I’ve though were so very clear in their message, seem to get the most interpretations. I think this piece was perfect.

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