No god before me…

Extract from William Hogarth, Paul before Felix, 1752
Extract from Paul before Felix, William Hogarth, 1752 – For dramatic effect only, Felix was NOT a Caesar.

Tyranny was claimed
by Gods acolyte
but it was themselves
that started the fight.

Ceasar said to them
just call me divine
and you will never be
short of bread or wine.

Take all your gods
Juda had said
and shove them up
the other side of your head.

We have no god
before our own
you who will kneel
before our throne.

So we were plunged
into the dark ages
and so was Reason
kept in the cages.

Now they hear
the call again
kill unbelievers
for they are sin.

None can answer
just what it means
for unto them
it’s just routine.


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