Proof of intelligence?


So what if aliens landed and they were religious? More importantly to some would be WHAT religion they practice.

Would this provide the answer people seek of the existence of God or lead to intergalactic Holy War.

The Space Pope was, presumably, the head of the Catholic Church. He is the inspiration for the rhetorical question “Is the space pope reptilian?”

There has been many theoretical versions of beliefs promulgated in fiction to examine this premise but what if it was a specific belief the aliens shared with us. Could this be accepted?

Has this species been contaminated with our transmissions or was there a similar development parallel to our own? Was this believe spread to our planet long ago by space missionaries?

Would they claim the same messenger brought them this message, did he mention us since there was no mention we know about them. Was there a galactic tour after the resurrection/ascension?

Could humanity accept this when it currently cannot overcome it’s differing beliefs of cultures on it’s own planet?

As an unbeliever, I would be profoundly disappointed as this would illustrate that intelligence capable of visiting other planets still had not gotten past this primordial concept.

ST-TOS Bread and Circuses examined the possibility of a Rome that never fell but did eventually see the rise of a Christian religion. Thanks to the crew of the Enterprise.
Both Battlestar Galactica incarnations expound heavily on persecution at the hands of religious dogma.


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