Good riddance to bad raptures

I hope they can get it right this time!

Ahh…the Rapture, it’s like the Hunger Games for the religious except in reverse. It’s gonna suck all the faithful up to heaven while the rest of us sinners have to deal with Hell on earth while they sit next to God saying I told you so .

What a great way to love your fellow human but it is for our own good you know.

Now according to this idea (and it is just an idea) we don’t have to wait to go to Hell anymore (or THEY don’t have to wait anymore). Much like pizza we will have Hell delivered straight to our door. Believers have pretty much dropped the patient act of retribution after death into making it happen right now.

Why don’t they stop all the self righteous posturing and just call it what it is. Believers want to see unbelievers not just die but be tortured and then confess into belief in God. It’s the Spanish Inquisition without mortals getting their hands dirty.

They want to see their own supposed suffering for having to imagine men kissing changed into demons raping people with red hot pokers. They want to see mother’s separated from their children for not being married. They want planes to drop out of the sky because people use condoms.

So please, if we are to begin an argument just start with you don’t like me or my ideas and don’t hide behind your gods as an excuse. Because as soon as you do then you are a coward that is ready to lie to make yourself the winner.

Humanity would be better off without such poor excuses for hatred.


So the rapture will take
those who believe but
maybe they are the one’s
who need to leave.

Maybe it means
there’s something wrong
to you, we are damned
but it’s you saying so long?

While you dine with God
we will still be here
perhaps that’s the intent
for words you don’t hear.

Blessed are peacemakers
so the sermon goes
but this seems like a recall
for those who oppose.

If leaving this world
is God’s great design
perhaps it is you
who are left behind.

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