Christ’s crucifixion by Roman’s and Joan of Arc’s execution by the church his death founded illustrates how the persecuted can become the persecutor.


Persecution has a funny way of coming back on itself.

Victims become the aggressors usually to assure the victimization never happens again. I can’t help in this respect to think about the Jews now and their “state” of Israel.

Religion is historically the refuge of the persecuted but believers are very good at building sympathy for themselves and grabbing power when they have the chance based on their moral righteousness.

It would seem reasonable then, when dealing with the believers we need to be respectful despite the trite dismissals, blinding self righteousness. and scores of hypocrisy. Otherwise this could be turned around to where they truly are the victims again and remember what they did last time that happened.

I’m looking at you Dark Ages.

I believe within humanity’s intelligence lies the solution but it must be detached from the emotion of frustration that occurs with someone whose belief structure has limits attached to it.

I have just as much outrage and animosity at the blinding lack of reason that some have when confronted with the reality of uncertainty. There is a faction of humanity that need a context that is supernatural in order to see the wonder of existence. That’s just how they cope with the VERY real possibility of death being the ultimate and final moment.

If atheists are to overcome the millennia of entrenched fear and ignorance then we will need to use reason and logic not with believers but with ourselves and find the words that can make the difference.


They make pretend
to find fault with me,
pointing fingers with
accusing allegory.

Believers have history
of being the persecuted
tread carefully with their wrath
through insults blurted.

Believers have skill
winning hearts and minds
with their myths
and sacred diatribe.

Believers bring peace
in times of chaos
from which they
emerge as the boss.

Be wary of persecution
it has a way of turning
into institutions
of heretics burning.


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