Rufugee Smefugee

The Humane Act
There are many children coming into the United States from Central American parents trying to keep them out of drug cartels. The US government wants to speed up deportation from months to days thereby eliminating the precious time of safety these parents are seeking for their children. The claims from politicians are speeding up the process is for compassion but this walks dangerously toward deportation without process since money is the real reason.

At the time of this writing…

America has been faced with an marked increase of immigrants from Central America from countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The majority of these immigrants are children being sent north to escape gang initiation into drug cartels by their parents.

There is currently a proposed law called the HUMANE ACT that seeks to control the situation.

According to the Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) website the part most commentators are taking exception with is…

  • Require immigration judges to make a determination as to whether an unaccompanied migrant child is eligible to remain in the United States within 72 hours of making their claim. Children who succeed in their claim will be allowed to remain in the United States in the custody of a sponsor while they pursue their legal remedies. Children who do not successfully make such a claim will be reunited with family in their home country.

Sounds nice doesn’t it, we are just going to make sure they get a speedy hearing and send them back to mom and dad back in Honduras. Only it may not be that simple. The situations these people come from is complex and there may not be anyone there for them except those they were trying to escape.

Another facet is the initial interview being conducted by border patrol whose determination either puts the immigrant into the system or immediate deportation. Are they really qualified for such interviews?

Regretfully this feels like another grandstand by conservative factions to make current efforts look weak and ineffective by applying the “we got enough problems” tactic to people in need. The system is weak and ineffective however conservatives favor isolationist policies that threaten global stabilization and this is another move to “secure our borders”.

The point is apparent that the refugees need to go back home and take the message America can no longer be the a refuge for their kids when times are tough. Please never you mind that it was our policies and interference’s that caused your situation.

It’s an example of the pull yourself up by the bootstraps mentality the “haves” like to give the “have nots” in these situations to look guiltless. But it could be said this just the result of years of U.S. political and economic manipulation in Central America for the benefit of the rich and powerful. Now we are seeing the result for such interference.

It calls into question our ability to have principles of inclusiveness, such that “all men are created equal” while at the same time we scrutinize them as a group of potential terrorists for the security of our homeland yet still trying to make a buck at the same time.

What security do we really achieve if we turn our backs to those in need?

Just a child who has
come a long way
escaping death
or so you say.

This land of freedom
is not for you
I’m late for bible study
you’ll just have to make-do.

You are a burden
to our taxpayers
we only have enough
to give you our prayers.

Enabling your dysfunction
we can no longer abide
stop being a wuss
and face the genocide.

We don’t have time for
huddled masses anymore
our Humane Act
is really just a metaphor.




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