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Honestly, I’ve never had a favorable opinion of the state of Israel.

To take a group of people no matter how oppressed or persecuted and give them land based on ancient history was just asking for trouble. Where does it stop?

So we have this group of people that piss other people off for so long that they become the targets of a genocidal war that nearly caused their extinction. They had been targeted for generations
for one reason or another but mostly because of the nature that their religious persona as the “treasured people” seems to make others around them feel left out. Some people don’t like to feel left out so much so that they want to break something and that usually becomes the thing they are left out of.

From my understanding the historical kingdom of Israel was like the picture here

Which is why we just didn’t give them something like northern Wyoming or some south sea island.

I say “we” because this was the United Nations acting as the collective world at the time saying “Sorry about all that Kill the Jews stuff, here’s some land. The folks there won’t mind it if you move in, they’ll understand.”

Only they didn’t. Here’s some guy that has been living in the same place as far back as he can remember and he is told “Sorry, this is somebody else’s land who’s ancestors where here a thousand or so years back and they’ve had a tough time…so push off.

Kinda like the Andrea Doria episode of Seinfeld, you can get the apartment if your story is sad enough.

If we are using historical boundaries as justification then Israel should be more angry with Jordon than Palestine but I’m sure there is more than enough hate to go around

Where does this person go? Where can they go now? and why should they go.

To be blunt, Israel lost their right to that land through conflict
just as any other culture has over the centuries of humanity’s struggle for existence. What’s fair is fair and when we make up too many extenuating circumstances things don’t get seen so clearly especially when it comes to property rights.

While my white guilt compels me to be outraged by the horror and nod agreement with anything to compensate these poor but proud people. I also understand that if you desire to live as god’s chosen people then there will be suffering by those you exclude. It’s just the way I see it.

I also tend to think in dispassionate perspectives that can be callous and uncaring but the universe is not a friendly place. Our wants and desires count for no justice in reality and we harm our own minds when we think of reality in spiritual terms. When we think that “the universe smiles down upon us”.

The universe is a mind of pure survival mechanism if you want to frame it with any kind of sentience. It is unconcerned with humanity’s destiny or the personal fates of any one of us. Belief in supernatural forces was created in response to dealing with the fear of obliteration of our self awareness when this natural force of our physical self expires.

Self awareness is commonly referred to as being self evident of the existence of a supreme force but this is prejudicial as it only recognizes a narrow definition of sentience to provide the ideological construct called Truth. Truth represents an unchangeable facet of the universe and we confuse it with Justice when we narrowly focus on self interests.

But this fails to recognize the universe may be purposeless even to the point of denying the possibility whatsoever as it contradicts the need to define Purpose. It’s difficult to live in a world that is infinite and not become so self obsessed as to lose sight of self interest in a larger perspective. It is difficult to live in world without Truth, but it is not impossible.

Do we really need Purpose to provide context to all the minor goals within this natural state of survival. Requiring the definition of the meaning of life seems only to enable condemnation and validate oppression.

Hey, speaking of oppression have you heard what’s been happening in the Middle East lately?

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