Teabagged Again

Click the image for the link to the article that inspired this rant.

My love affair with hating republicans begins with their deity, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Republicans appear so honest and upstanding holding back the tidal wave of terror and immorality that they tell us is about to deluge our nation.

However they remind me of the “honest” used car salesmen cliche trying to unload that lemon of a car on some oblivious sucker.

Maybe it’s because Republicans seem by nature to be Type A , Alpha-male, Bossy or whatever title you want to bestow on a personality type that is competitive, highly goal oriented, and usually resents those who are not as socially inclined since they are not playing along with their game. It’s the game where they are the leader and everyone else follows because that’s the natural order of things.

They are like the jocks in high school whose popularity becomes their claim to fame and wins the adoration of the entire class but they still can’t resist the temptation to administer the odd atomic wedgie for the amusement of their sycophants.

So as I wade into this schadenfreude that is this current implosion of the US Republican party I can’t help but wonder who gets the next swirly cause I’m getting water in my ears.




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