Everything old is new again

Science can be wrong sometimes however science is meant to find out what is wrong in order to find out what’s right.

Religion is meant to know what’s right in order to know what’s wrong. But sometimes religion can be wrong so happens then?

Word twisting is fun these days. It seems to be the ongoing past time for this Young Earth creationism, fundamentalist thinking, and creation science.

What new philosophies like these show is a willing departure in religious metaphor to literal translation which is what this rant is about. The recent movements in this area are disturbing as it coincides with an intentional dumbing down of culture since the 1970’s. There were creationists back then too but they saw the bible as metaphor and didn’t try to “scientifically” prove the bible stories as we have groups doing today. Not that they didn’t try, just not like today.

The 1970’s saw a pinnacle of social awareness that became a sour taste in America’s mouth during the 1980’s which it tried to wash away with consumerism in the guise of a bottle of Perrier water. People weary of social upheaval saw themselves as powerless to affect real change and so chose the path of self indulgence.

It was with the discrediting of the prominent field of Psychiatry by the THUD experiments of David Rosenhan that saw the 1990’s explosion of pseudo scientific truth that has come be regarded as just as valid as experimental methodology. Now we are seeing the result of such abandonment when we act in absolute thinking. People act like 12 year old girls at the next pop star concert when they devote themselves too much to what we think absolute truth is. But maybe truth is not as solid as we would like it to be. Maybe it changes as time does and truth for one day might not the same on the next. Now, here’s some Bob…

So if can realize that science may not know all the answers but they are the best answers we have based on the available facts. What we can understand must come with the realization that we can’t always depend on the conclusions but we can never neglect the evidence.





1 thought on “Everything old is new again

  1. Roger Wilco | humanisthuman August 5, 2014 — 5:48 pm

    I miss that thieving criminal Tilton. Better than Saturday Night Live sometimes.

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