The Beast That Remains

theBeast-salome2It was an age of barbarism that reduced life to survival of the fittest until the age of humanity swept over the world and quelled the beast that ravaged the land.

But the beast knew it was being hunted by those who sought truth instead of blood and found refuge in another incarnation.

TtheBeast-bodyhis form was one of peace that covered the beast in divine grace and charitable acts designed to disguise the blood-lust it craved. It was punished by the barbarians that misunderstood it’s true nature and was martyred into reverence.

For a while the beast began to believe it had changed. But it was only the form that changed and this served only to distract Humanity. For a time it was good for the beast and the humans that served it.

theBeast-surgeryFinally humanity pushed back the dark age of the beast’s kingdom. But the beast still plotted it’s time to strike back as it cowered behind it’s walls of divinity.

The Enlightenment that so many suffered and died for came under attack as the beast saw the opportunity to attain it’s dominance again by convincing humanity to return to the old ways.

Science had admitted it’s fallibility in the pursuit of truth and the beast pounced onto the throat of belief as it’s only savior.

It would garner sympathy as it sought to play the the victim again and swell its ranks with sycophants and idolaters.

The victim of persecution by questioning the ways of the beast that were held most sacred. For these were not to be challenged.theBeast-sacrifice

In truth, if these ways were revealed to Humanity then what the beast had kept secret for so long would be exposed for the lie it was.

The beast had kept it’s ways of blood and crafted them into ceremony and ritual that continued to germinate the seed of barbarism in the disguise of civilization. The beast’s version of civilization.

theBeast-persecutedDressed in it’s finest vestments, the beast proclaimed how it had been oppressed and mistreated for being questioned at all.

The beast used all the tricks of emotion and inventions of science to beguile humanity into the frenzy of devotion that drives reason back into superstition.

All the while moving itself closer to tearing off its mask and bathing in the blood of the infidels, free from it’s shackles of compromise.

theBeast-caliphateThis beast of religion has lead us back to the place it was supposed to save us from 2000 years ago. It continually fights amongst itself to the threat of us all.

It hides the truth that we are already moral creatures without need of religion.

It refuses to accept religion as the cause of the barbarism that now ravages Humanity again.

It mimics and codifies the good we already do then claims itself as source. All this to maintain authority over others so only the few control the many.

There is a way to release ourselves from the chains of religion. Anarchy would not be the alternative if we used true scientific reason and logic to separate our principles from the motivations that drive us.

Unless religion can step over the threshold of reason into a unified canon that reconciles all the differences currently in dispute then it is of no value to an enlightened global society and actually burdens us from moving forward causing more suffering than it saves.

But if you still think god exists and lets this happen…,then he isn’t good enough for us.

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