BUdd BuNNY – The Price of Oil



So this is Budd, he’s been around for a while and as a member of the lesser order of creatures in this world he has been watching us . Unfortunately he doesn’t like what he sees.

Back in the 1970’s there were solar heating panels on the White House under order of then President Jimmy Carter. The OPEC oil embargo earlier that decade had taught America that dependency on oil was unsustainable. However due to the politics of conservative factions of the time the solar panels were seen as a publicity stunt. Which was the general distain that prevailed against the democrats at the time in order to reelect a republican to the presidency. Kinda like now.

Of course, it worked and here we are nearly half a century later here we are still under the thumb of petrochemical industry and their political friends. These same factions now are still resistant to the fact that we haven’t done all that we could to end this dependency on oil and the resulting climate impacts.

Once again there are solar panels on the White House, will they remain or will we blunder into yet another dark age of poisoning the earth further by listening to loud and ignorant.

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