Fascism Anyone? Illustrated

Some may question the validity of the definitions and applicability of these examples but if we do not consider the long lasting implications of our action and reactions we may have much to regret later.

Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-01 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-02 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-03 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-04 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-05 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-06 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-07 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-08 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-09 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-10 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-11 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-12 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-13 Fascism-Anyone-Illustrated-14

Source: – http://www.secularhumanism.org/library/fi/britt_23_2.htm



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