Republicrat or Democracan

DandRWe are reaching a time of change in our political landscape and the conversation is turning to how we can move forward instead of being locked into cycles of republican and democrat.

At this time, both institutions of government administration have had their opportunity to display the latest in their contemporary thinking so we can now compare these much as one would evaluate any service at time of renewal.

Let’s just say that from a customer service standpoint both parties fail us miserably but there are some important differences in these failures we should examine and keep in mind moving forward.

santorumRepublicans are too dominated by alpha male thinking to govern in the long term. The republicans are the big fuzzy warm religious bigot you would expect from a philosophy based on intuitive correctness for the simple act of honoring absolute superstitious dogma.

But Democrats tend to be lead by condescending trust fund opportunity hoarders who believe themselves social martyrs since they worked the serving line at a charity event for the homeless. They claim to have an understanding of the plight of the poor but they view them from the charitable perspective through social programs that insults the common worker who is not subsidized in such apparent manner.

The Republicans identify and exacerbate this persecuted poor working man stereotype for elections while granting enormous tax breaks to corporations in the attempt to stimulate job growth in thinking when the boss has more money they will hire more workers. Things like infrastructure and social programs would then be a by-product of such growth in order to meet demand.

COFFEE-keep-workingThe problem I see is that hearkens a slave mentality still subservient to gold. By investing in the business owner as the engine of economy we cede authority and cultural determination to the soulless mechanism of profit and loss.

Business owners no longer see employees as partners in their enterprise but as workers that would steal the carpets if they weren’t nailed down. They have come to realize wealth is greater incentive to operate rather than social responsibility.

In the ledger book of CEO’s your assets are the goal and labor is a liability. Liabilities best outsourced to countries that warehouse their poor into special economic zones in yet another form of slavery in exchange for temporary relief from abject poverty.

Where are the Democrats? They are standing on stage cutting a ribbon to the new youth center for the underprivileged in the tired attempt to help kids to get educated enough to change their social standing. With low skill jobs conveniently outsourced  and not available locally where else can they point to for the young to occupy their time.

The problem with Democrats is they generally lack moral fortitude or conviction due to this philosophy of equality through consensus building. They have inclusiveness problem that is fundamental to liberal thinking that envisions pure direct democracy. While the Democrats are perceived elitist with a snobbery masked as social consciousness, in my opinion this is the lesser of the two evils when compared to the zealotry of the right which threatens chaos as opposed to the stagnation of the left.

This-boy-just-dont-get-itVulnerability is the main criticism from the right. Democrats are weak on defense instead spending money all on charity for immigrants, drug addicts, and unwed mothers. Just giving all our hard earned tax dollars away to those not worthy…this worthiness being determined by the values of the conservatives personal religious belief that judges those unbelievers as unworthy.

The Democrats consistently fail to rally common cause. Liberalism is a broad definition of stove piped causes that are loosely affiliated with each other under the guise of diversity. Democrats identify with this diversity by labeling it equality but fail to mobilize effectively. Their rhetoric inspires but falls flat when implemented since there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

While the Republicans look before they leap to appear effective in the short term, the Democrats lose buy-in from over planning and fragmentation allowing the vulnerable criticism to be justified. But now the Republicans are also suffering fragmentation with tea party movement and this had lead to a hobbling of the Republican effectiveness.

teabagged-againThese extreme fundamentalist coalitions will dominate as a reactionary movement funded by capitalist interests causing derisiveness and obstruction to progressive decisions that must be made to move the nation forward into a equitable globalized community.

So I return to the decision point we are at.

The Republican party in it’s current direction of militaristic aggrandizement and corporate protectionism will become a fascist state in the future if granted supermajority. The plan appears simple:

  • Instigate government distrust so that civilians begin to believe regulatory laws are civil rights violations.
  • Popularize that mistrust as persecution of time honored institutions like religion through media and action groups funded by corporate interests.
  • Leverage that persecution complex into outrageous behavior like walking in public with semi automatic weapons that pose a clear danger to public safety.
  • When a majority of representation is reached they begin to enact a myriad of public safety laws to appear effective against their manufactured crisis.
  • New safety laws strip privacy and increase taxing entities.
  • New theocratic legislation increases religious content into education curriculum and mandatory allegiance to deistic supreme power for all citizenry.

Pretty soon, Senator Palpatine becomes Emperor Palpatine and the Clone Troopers execute Order 66.

But that’s just a movie, right?


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