a totally presumptive and wild ass guess from a hail mary pass of judgement about the true nature of the universe…that doesn’t include God.

So this is absolute speculation, I present no evidence or facts other than my observations and interpretations but this is the most rational explanation I’ve found to describe scientifically, a reason and mechanism for creation.

Read this at your own peril.

I came across some thoughts while watching the episode of the new Cosmos series called A Sky Full of Ghosts.

The subject was black holes.

First, the episode explains how black holes can form from binary star systems. As one star pulls mass from the other it increases until critical mass is reached and gravitational singularity is reached.

But then it struck me suddenly as I ran through my mind about exactly what Dr. Tyson was explaining.

Science fiction has explored the possibility of black holes acting like interstellar subways but this was just one possibility.

We think of the universe as an expanding bubble of space time, except it is these curiosities of gravity that elude that definition. Black holes attract light and matter inward against the universal expansion.

With this crush of cosmic forces, by mass and gravity become applied to the point called a singularity and space-time becomes as what is described in the “Big Bang” theory of creation from a unified field. The conclusional jump then is our universe is the other side of a black hole

Could it be those mysterious devourers of worlds and engines of destruction might hide the wellspring of creation behind that curtain of gravity? Is this process of cosmic birth forged by flames of destruction?

A scene from the movie Inception, demonstrates the curious effect of the two mirrors reflecting light within themselves producing seemingly endless reflections. Light travels back and forth into what seems to be itself.

This phenomenon always intrigued me since the effect seems indicative of the unending nature of infinity that a finite mind could comprehend.

Maybe then this points to evidence that there is no end to this universe. Energy which produces mass which combines to form gravity pulling itself into itself like those little nesting dolls that just never stop.

This universe creates universes within itself which is also one of countless other universes created by countless other universe.

This also could preclude the need for any intelligent design or creator as these are the result of naturally occurring processes.

One might argue it was divine intervention that created this mechanism for creation in first place but this relies on the “god of the gaps” defense.

This hypothesis explains why the universe appears to be left on autopilot without need of further intervention.


So there you have it…logical fallacies and all.

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