Holiday Spirits – The War Of Christmas

Before there were words to describe them, the Holiday Spirits walked among humanity sharing The Seasons which all cultures naturally created to mark the different times of the year. Humanity had these times to put away the differences of everyday life to come together in a bond that stretched back for generations.But now, Santa has sold out to the popularity that is focused on the gift giving that greedy people and their ruler The Lord has brought to the Seasons.
The believers “War On Christmas” has our Holiday Spirits rising up now against these religious aggressors with their own message for the Season. Religions claim over the ancient celebrations of Humanity will be challenged by the spirits that demand their celebrations back. The spirits have returned to remind humanity of what The Season is about.
“Peace on Earth and Good Will To All.”
Religion has denigrated the meaning of the holidays to be about their holy things and gifts rather than the peace of the soul that is rejuvenated during each Season of Good Will. Religion seeks to crush the soul of Humanity to it’s own self righteousness image of the Servant to The Lord.
Too long have the Holiday Spirits allowed this belief in “The Lord” to fester in the soul of humanity and now they will no longer stand idly by as the war Christmas brings rages over the Earth and it’s precious Humanity.

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